Hold a Jamberry Nails Fundraiser and Earn 20%*

Photo representing Jamberry Nails Fundraiser opportunities.Do you know a group or organization that could benefit from a Jamberry Nails fundraiser? Jamberry Nails offers an opportunity to earn 10% of total sales as a cash donation to your team, group, charity or organization.

As your Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant, I choose to match the 10% that the company donates, making your organization eligible for a 20% total cash donation.*

Arranging a Jamberry Nails fundraiser is easy. I supply your group with catalogs, order forms, and instructions for how customers can place their orders online. All you have to do is share Jamberry Nails and get visitors to the website to order through your organization. After the fundraiser time period expires, we total up all the orders that came in due to your organization’s efforts and I make sure you get your 20%.

Contact me today for more information about scheduling your Jamberry Nails fundraiser!

Jamberry Nails’ Commitment to Charity

If you don’t know an organization that needs help in your area, consider supporting Jamberry Nails’ commitment to charity. The company does fundraising as a whole by supporting three charitable organizations by donating proceeds from four specific nail designs.

Jamberry Nails donates $2.0o from each sheet of its nail designs for Breast Cancer Awareness, Autism Awareness, and Pay it Forward to the respective organizations.  See and read more about these nail designs and Jamberry’s charitable commitment here.