Jamberry Nails FAQ

Icon for Jamberry Nails FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsHere are some of the most common questions I get as a Jamberry Nail Independent Consultant. If you find these responses helpful, we’d really appreciate it if you’d click “Like” or +1 this page using the social buttons to the left.

What are nail shields?

Jamberry Nails refers to their nail product as nail shields. Jamberry Nail Shields are made of vinyl and adhere to the surface of your natural nails (fingers and toes). They also adhere to nails that already have acrylic applied. When applied properly, the nail shields provide a watertight, durable and glossy finish to the nails in your choice of over 250 designs.

How do I apply the nail shields?

Please visit the page on our website dedicated to how to apply Jamberry Nails. We provide step-by-step instructions as well as a video that provides all the information you need to know for a perfect application.

How long will my application last?

Properly applied Jamberry Nails will last up two weeks on nails and up to six weeks on toes. Make sure to follow application instructions closely to achieve the best application possible.

Why aren’t my Jamberry Nails staying on as long as they should be?

Proper application is really important. Be sure to follow the instructions closely on the Jamberry Nails application page to achieve your best results. However, some people have very oily nail beds and/or a nail or two that have application challenges due to how the nails are curved. For these cases we’ve also added some excellent optional application tips and troubleshooting advice. Trying one or more of these tips almost always takes care of any issues. :  )

How do I remove the nail shields?

Please visit the page on our website the covers how to remove Jamberry Nails. On that page you’ll find written and video instructions.

Are these nail wraps?

Originally, the term nail wraps referred to a salon technique of strengthening nails by wrapping them with some type of materials (like silk) to enhance and help strengthen the nail. However, new  materials are now being used which allows for both salon and home application. One such product is something often referred to as a vinyl wrap that has the ability to showcase endless design possibilities. When people say “nail wrap” today, it may well be in reference to Jamberry Nails.

Are these nail decals?

Jamberry Nails refers to their product as nail shields. Many people use the term nail decal to describe what Jamberry Nails calls a nail shield. However, the biggest misassumption people make is that the Jamberry Nail Shield is a “sticker.” While it may look and feel like a traditional sticker, the nail shields are made of vinyl, have a special high-gloss finish, and have an exclusive adhesive that is heat and pressure activated. When applied properly, Jamberry Nails should be tightly affixed for about two weeks on finger and for up to six weeks on toes. Most “stickers” for nails are very temporary.

Is this stick-on nail polish?

No. Unlike some products on the market, Jamberry Nail Shields are not made from polish at all. Instead, they are a vinyl shield that has a special high-gloss finish and has an exclusive adhesive that is heat and pressure activated. Because they are not polish, Jamberry Nail Shields do not chip or scuff, and they are mess- and odor-free.

Are these nail polish strips?

See preceding answer to “Is this stick-on nail polish?”

Are Jamberry Nails waterproof?

If properly applied, Jamberry Nails have a watertight seal. (Make sure to follow application instructions exactly!) Normal activities such as swimming, bathing, etc. should pose no problem. Because the nail shields are heat activated, however, use caution when submerging applied shields for extended periods in very hot water such as in a hot tub or regularly washing dishes in extra hot water.

Where can I buy Jamberry Nails?

On this website, of course! : )  Just use the Go Shopping button on this site to be connected to Jamberry’s secure online shopping cart.

How long will it take for my Jamberry Nails to arrive?

Jamberry Nails are shipped from corporate headquarters and the company advises that 6 – 10 business days should be allowed for receipt. They may well arrive more quickly (I’ve found that they usually do), but it’s best to plan ahead and allow for maximum delivery time.