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Photo of Nail Polish for Easy Nail DesignsCute Easy Nail Designs is my personal forum to share my love of all things nails. Since I was old enough to paint my nails myself, I have always been the girl with the nails everyone asks about. From the nail polish color I have on, to my painted on nail art, to my acrylic combinations, to my nail gems and piercings, etc. What can I say? I was blessed with long nail beds and naturally curved nails. I wish I would have been blessed with a perfect tush instead, but what the heck, I’ll take it where I can get it.

Nail trends change on the regular. And since the addition of sites like Pinterest to our daily lives, easy nail designs are becoming all the rage. Be it solid colors, sparkles, cracked nail polish finishes, nail art, glued on rhinestones or elaborate designs now found in nail wraps and strips. There are now nail products available that are formulated to be non-toxic for kids, scented, longer lasting, and even to change colors with your mood. Whatever your desire for easy nail designs, it’s my job to scope them out and report on my findings.

Zebra Art is a Perfect Easy Nail Design

I personally wear a design just like this all the time. I just use my favorite color purple instead of the red.

My goal here at Cute Easy Nail Designs is to keep you apprised of the latest nail trends, including nail design options and hot colors, and recommend products as I find great deals and/or must have favorites. I’ll also offer nail polish tips to help you achieve a perfect nail experience. I love the salon as much as the next girl, but I hope to keep this site focused on cute, easy nail designs and ideas you can accomplish at home. I love interaction with my readers, so please feel free to comment on blogs, or recommend products for me to try. We’re here to have fun!